Press review

The history of Cotto d'Este

Cotto d'Este was established in 1993 in Sassuolo by Paolo Mussini, founder and currently Managing Director of the company, for the purpose of creating a new trademark in a new and unexplored segment of the ceramics sector extremely high quality porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for the top level and luxury areas of the market.The idea of Paolo Mussini, son of Giuliano, who established Ceramica Panaria in 1974, was to create a company capable of offering the dream wall and floor tile to fulfil the needs and taste of the most demanding customers thanks to the care paid to details, the finishes and the aesthetic and technical quality.The philosophy of Cotto D'Este has always been aimed at combining aesthetics with an exceedingly high quality. To this, one must add an innate vocation towards beauty, which has accompanied the company over the years. To this end, the company has continuously evolved to finally gain a leading position in the field of top range floor and wall tiles.Research and Development are still amongst the main factors of success. These activities are focused on devising new production methods and innovative product lines, to fulfil the needs of a demanding clientele with a refined taste.Cotto D'Este manufactures porcel .../continue/