Over the last years, the use of ceramics has been expanding into various fields of architecture. Just a few decades ago, ceramic coverings were limited to bathrooms and kitchens. Today, things have drastically changed. 
Nowadays, ceramics are integrated into an architectural project straight from the beginning. Furthermore, ceramics are not only chosen for practical and decorative purposes. The external finish of a building, for instance, does not only define its formal and aesthetic character but also its durability, its resistance to adverse weather conditions and, in the case of ventilated facades, its thermal and acoustic insulation. Another use that is becoming more and more appreciated, especially in offices and commercial buildings, is that related to floating/raised floors. 
Amongst the Italian ceramic industries producing top quality products, Cotto d'Este has managed to combine characteristics of safety, durability, mechanical resistance, inertia and hygiene with exceptional aesthetic qualities, without forgetting extra large and extra thick full body sizes and, above all, Kerlite. Last but not least, the products and production systems of Cotto d'Este are recognised and certified on an international level as ecocompatible. For all these reasons, architects, designers and interior decorators use our products both for interiors and exteriors. 
To attest to this great success, we have created NS Tech, a collection of references that broadens and elaborates New Surfaces, the reference album that Cotto d'Este publishes every year. 
The technical and aesthetic level of the projects illustrated, the details provided, the attention paid towards facade systems and Kerlite floating floors, as well as extensive information concerning the ventilated facade systems Cotto d'Este has successfully tested, make NS Tech an invaluable tool for architects and designers.
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